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Do you believe that women should have a say in the healthcare they receive?

Despite your stance on VBACs (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) or any other medical policy, we hope you will join the fight and help give expectant mothers a voice in their childbirth experience at Wyoming Medical Center in Casper, Wyoming.

It is the belief of VBAC Casper that any woman who chooses Wyoming Medical Center for labor and delivery should have access to all the rights and privileges of any other patient at the hospital. Despite updated VBAC guidelines from the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), Wyoming Medical Center policy dictates that any woman who has undergone a C-section in the past be forced to have a repeat C-section. If a woman chooses to proceed with a VBAC, she must waive numerous rights and privileges, including access to an epidural and several labor & delivery resources that would normally be available to her.

According to the Wyoming Medical Center website,  wyomingmedicalcenter.org, “The safety, comfort and overall well-being of [their] patients is the primary focus among [their] staff of compassionate, experienced professionals.” We urge Wyoming Medical Center to take the necessary steps and allow expectant mothers access to modern medical procedures without requiring that they waive their rights and privileges.

Please sign our petition and show your support for Wyoming women and babies.

Thank you!